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What I Eat In A Day Pregnant || Vegan Mom. These are some of my favorites meal ideas of what i eat in a day to nourish my baby as a pregnant mom of baby #5. This is also a collab with my amazing friends who are all doing what I eat in a day meal ideas so be sure to subscribe and watch there videos after mine!
Brianna’s Video: https://youtu.be/3gY28K4zrV4
Tiffani’s Video: https://youtu.be/dt7fVjyVVWw
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  • Looks tasty 😋😋😋😊👌

  • It was negative 58 here this last week

  • what kind of chocolate tea do you like?

  • The New York Times
    For babies and children, whose nutritional needs are extraordinary, the risks are definite and scary. The breast milk of vegetarian and vegan mothers is dramatically lower in a critical brain fat, DHA, than the milk of an omnivorous mother and contains less usable vitamin B6. Carnitine, a vital amino acid found in meat and breast milk, is nicknamed “vitamin Bb” because babies need so much of it. Vegans, vegetarians and people with poor thyroid function are often deficient in carnitine and its precursors.
    The most risky period for vegan children is weaning. Growing babies who are leaving the breast need complete protein, omega-3 fats, iron, calcium and zinc. Compared with meat, fish, eggs and dairy, plants are inferior sources of every one.
    Soy protein is not good for a baby’s first food for the same reason that soy formula is not good for newborns. It’s a poor source of calcium, iron and zinc — and much too high in estrogen. It also lacks adequate methionine, which babies and children need to grow properly. Lastly, soy damages the thyroid, which compromises immunity and stunts growth.
    Vegans may believe it’s possible to get B12 from plant sources like seaweed, fermented soy, spirulina and brewer’s yeast. Alas, these foods contain mostly B12 analogs, which, according to the health writer Chris Kresser, “block intake of and increase the need for true B12,” a vital nutrient for mental health.
    Mr. Kresser argues that this is one reason studies consistently show that up to 50 percent of long-term vegetarians and 80 perent of vegans are deficient in B12. “The effects of B12 deficiency on kids are especially alarming,” he writes. “Studies have shown that kids raised until age 6 on a vegan diet are still B12 deficient even years after they start eating at least some animal products.” In one study, the researchers found “a significant association” between low B12 levels and “fluid intelligence, spatial ability and short-term memory.” The formerly vegan kids scored lower than omnivorous kids every time.
    The greatest error of modern industrial life, which celebrates the lab and technology, is our love affair with the facsimile. It is time to face the music. Some things cannot be replaced. Real food is one.
    You may choose to be a vegan. Your baby doesn’t have that luxury. Let her grow up omnivorous and healthy. Then watch her exercise her own freedom of choice with justifiable pride.


  • You’re so good with Huxley 🥰

  • i dont think your weather was -20 because Chicago wasnt even that cold lol

  • Im new to your channel from Tiffani’s !!! Love your family so adorable!

  • Aww look at your baby bump! Your family is adorable and I cant believe it's been that cold

  • Are you sick? You always sound stuffed up on every video I have watched.

  • Myka you always look so cute..have you ever thought of selling on Poshmark?

  • I am trying get healthy because I'm diabetic type 2 and I take insulin shots and metformin pill and plus try g for another baby and I want be on budget trying do what you do and plus I'm trying stay away starch a lot that what body hates I feel bloated from it I was on keto diet I lost 42 pounds I was proud then again I gain back because turn to bad again I know I should not do that but I want a change too thank you myka for what you do and your amazing wondering beautiful person and mother too and I would love see more recipes all the time how you cook and eat plant based and how to get started…

  • I don't like the pink nail polish

  • Plant based and Vegan are different. Plant based is your diet, while Veganism is more than just your diet. You'd fall more under a whole foods plant based lifestyle rather vegan. Make up, make up brushes, hair brushes, shampoo and conditioner, soaps, facial cleansers, shoes, clothes, handbags, if you're using a down alternative on your bed, or one animal-derived, silk pillow cases are from worms, are all items that can be exploitation to animals. I didn't know at first myself either. As you grow in your journey you learn by reading, YouTube and comments as I have as well. This was something that gets overlooked. But is a big deal. Vegan is much different than being plant based.

  • Dad should shelve his phone during family meals 🤔

  • People always hate on daiya but I love it lol the new version literally looks like plastic so why do I like it? Bahaha if you like pepper jack cheese, try follow your heart's version… OMG I could totally eat the whole package lol

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  • OMG I can not get enough of your channel I love your videos so much! You are so inspiring and a amazing person! I live in Ohio too and I wanted to know if you guys will ever do a meet And greet?

  • Your videos are so aesthetically pleasing! I just started eating plant-based and I'm loving it. You gave me some great meal ideas, thanks girl!

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