Veggie Six Mix Vegan Burger Mix – Gourmet, Low Cal Vegan Burger & Comfort Food Mix For Vegan BBQ, Grilling & Cookouts – Vegan Camping, Hiking Snack Food – Gluten, Soy, Nut, GMO-Free – 9 Servings



Veggie Six Mix: Low-Cal, All Natural Vegan Burger Patties Made Easy!

Whether you have recently taken up a vegan lifestyle, or are a life-long vegan, you are well aware of the struggle: fast food chains offer limited and at times, zero vegan burger options.

And when they do – you can never be sure that your burger patty is free of any harmful additives, preservatives, or allergens, such as soy, nuts, GMO-ingredients and gluten.

Fear No More.

The Veggie Six Mix is here to help you enjoy an organic, 100% vegan burger, any time you crave it!

There’s Nothing Like A Vegan Burger

It all starts with a hearty base of vegetables, rice and beans.

Then, our fresh-out-the-garden veggies – tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, potatoes, carrots and onions – add depth and unique flavor, making each bite a gourmet vegan experience, which will have you crave for MORE!

Wholesome Vegan Food

Nutritious, easy to prepare, 100% Vegan.

There’s really no other burger mix on the market that can rival Veggie Six Mix’s quality and taste.

As it is all-natural and organic, it is a foolproof choice for toddler picky-eaters, as well as for healthy meals on-the-go for outdoors enthusiasts, while hiking or camping.

Try It Out Today – And We’re Confident You’ll Love It As Much As We Do!

Don’t Waste Another Minute!

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TASTIEST. VEGAN BURGER. EVER. Who said that burgers are reserved for meat eaters only? We’re here to make you think differently! Our amazing, all-natural vegan burger mix will help you enjoy yummy, vegetable-filled burger patties, consistent with your strict vegan or paleo diet.
ALLERGEN FREE: You know, as well as we do, that the key to good vegan food is purity. We are proud to offer you a vegan burger mix, which is FREE of Soy, Nuts, GMO- ingredients, as well as gluten. Our mix is ideal for anyone with gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivities, or those looking to eliminate gluten-foods from their daily nutritional intake and reap the benefits of a gluten-free diet!
HEALTHFUL VEGGIE MIX: Brimming with natural, organic vegetables, our burger mix contains vegan diet staples, such as mushrooms, rice, black and pinto beans, leeks, potatoes, delightful bell peppers, tomatoes and more! A perfect source of carbs and nutritious, plant fiber, our burger mix will become your new vegan cooking staple!
11 CALORIES PER SERVING!: Enjoy a delicious burger patty and revel in a low-cal, quick comfort meal! Our Veggie Six Mix comes in an airtight-sealed pouch, making it perfect for camping, hiking and backpacking, as well as for emergency supply vegan food stockpiling, should you live in areas particularly affected by storms, tornados and power outages.
JUST ADD WATER: It’s really that simple! Once your Veggie Six Mix arrives, you’re only MINUTES away from enjoying the best vegan burger you ever had! Get Now The Best, All-Natural Vegan Burger Mix On Amazon!

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