Vegetarian Recipes – How to Make Tofu Turkey

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In this video, you’ll see how to make an ingenious tofu “turkey.” It’s actually tofu shell into which you layer delicious stuffing. Turn the “bird” onto a baking sheet, baste it with a simple basting sauce, and pop it in the oven. This vegetarian treat is a quick-and-easy alternative to Thanksgiving turkey.

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  • 1. Annoying music
    2. Annoying narrator
    3. Video is very fake
    4. Love how they show the thing flipped onto the paper but don't show her taking out the cloth from under it. Easier said than done, and I bet most of those crumbles got messed up underneath.
    5. Fail

  • (Vegan) Just getting the hang of working with different tofu. I have no allergies so I can swing some prepared things. I like to cook from scratch more often because I can control salt, fat, etc., this looks incredible, thanks so much! Love and Respect <3

  • I'm not a huge meat eater, and I like tofu, but this sounds hideous… sorry…

  • I'm not a vegetarian but that looks absolutely delicious!

  • interesting recipe, glad you are showing more vegetarian/vegan recipies!… tofurky uses gluten and is less crumbly. to make one so my gluten intolerant husband can eat it i will be using my food processor to blend the tofu with some chickpea flour and some vegan 'chicken' flavor better than bullion, almond milk, olive oil and a little parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (i'll be tasting and adding anything else i might need but i'll keep these ingredients in mind)… i'll be forming and stuffing it the same way only with a quinoa/rice stuffing. *note– when using commercially prepared stuffing always check the label for undesirable ingredients (i would usually cut up a whole grain loaf of ezekiel 4:9 bread for my stuffing).