Vegetarian: 4-Week Vegetarian Nutrition Cookbook for Everyday Lifestyle – 39 Quick & Easy Vegetarian Meal Plans for Beginners (Healthy Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes for Diet and Lifestyle)



Start Your 4-Week Diet With 39 Low Carb Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Every recipe in this book is designed to offer a low-carb, vegetarian alternative to your favorite dishes. You’ll find recipes for every meal of the day, including delectable sweets, all specially created to help you stay on the low-carb path without sacrificing your no-meat mantra.

39 recipes included in this book are vegetarian, low-carb, and deliciously tasty. Here’s a quick view of what you’ll get inside this book:

  • Energy Boosting Breakfasts
  • Healthy Smoothies & Sides
  • Simple side dishes
  • Nutritious Low Carb Main Meals
  • Mouth Watering Desserts
  • and Much more!
  • The best part about this book is that even though the recipes are divided into categories, you can enjoy them any time during the day. Feel like having an Egg-White Frittata for lunch or dinner? Would you rather replace one of your meals with a delicious smoothie or prepare a side dish to go with your simple salad? This meal plan lets you do just that.

    Replace your high-carb, unhealthy favorites with the 39 recipes in this book and watch your health, and your waistline, improve by the day.

    If you’re ready to commit to a healthy and simple lifestyle of low-carb, vegetarian meals, then check out these appetizing recipes.

    Remember – You can read this book on any device – just download a FREE Kindle Reader!

    Get started with this 4 week plan filled with vegetarian recipes! Click the Buy Now button above to download!

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