Tortilla Spring Rolls Recipe | CPK Style Veg Spring rolls Recipe for Snacks & Starters By Shilpi

Tortilla spring rolls is a yummy veg party starter recipe & kid snacks to make at home.These spring rolls are filled with veggies, herbs and are super scrumptious and crispy.

Here is the quick ingredient list of Tortilla spring rolls:

• Flour Tortilla: 4,
• Chopped garlic: 1tbsp,
• Fine chopped onions: ½ cup,
• Diced big eggplant or baingan: ½ cup,
• Mushrooms: ½ cup,
• Bell peppers or capsicum: ½ cup,
• Chilly flakes: 1tsp,
• Dry Oregano: 1tsp,
• Sliced canned olives: ¼ cup,
• Sundried tomatoes: 2 tbsp,
• Mozzarella or Montery jack or Cheddar cheese: 1 cup,
• All-purpose flour or maida: 1tbsp
• Olive oil: 1 tbsp + 2tbsp,
• Melted butter: 2tsp,
• Oregano and thyme seasoning: 2 pinch,
• Salt, Water

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