Spicy Quorn Stew with Sweet Potato Patties I Vegetarian Recipe

I saw a recipe in a magazine and changed it to make it healthier, vegetarian with quorn and super tasty. Perfect for cooking on a shoestring, with a cheap and tasty delicious meal that is suitable for all the family. Great for a low calories diet meal to help with weight loss too.
You might know me as Digger Dawn from my other metal detecting channel. This is the perfect dinner for after a long day in the field, can be frozen #healthy cooking #vegetarian

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  • I wear swimming goggles when cutting up onions. Stops eyes watering 😊

  • You make cooking fun. Your son is a lucky boy having his Momma cooking! 😘

  • hi dawnella i sed i wanted to loos weight your giving me ideas brill vid as allways eddy on bike x

  • Hey Dawn, it's me again.. this is weird, but I follow many youtube channels.. Sewing, cooking and you of course.. lol but anyway, the weird part is after I watched your video (this one with the quorn) I decided to watch one of my new cooking videos and the woman on there has something called a GHEE recipe. And it is butter with the milk fat cooked out.. And it's supposed to be very healthy for you and have omega 3 and other good things in it.. I am gonna leave a link here for you and maybe you can follow it and you will be able to substitute it for butter.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AobqLbxhkY . Also I will leave you a link where you can read up on it.. It wont take you long to read it.. I hope this helps you ( I know you didn't ask for my help, but I just found it weird that I ran upon the ghee video after I watched your video and you didn't want to use butter, so I wanted to share this with you). What is ghee used for?

    Ghee is used as a substitute for unclarified butter and other oils. It is high in fat soluble vitamins, doesn't need refrigeration and is good for cooking at high heats.

    Reference: reference.com/food/ghee-butter-used-7287e7fe81083ec5

  • lol Dawn you do make us laugh lol. I made a sweet potato mash ages ago. If you microwave your sweet potato and mash it then add chopped corriander, feta cheese crumbled up and sweet chilli sauce that's really nice. Also if you go on quorns website and send them an email saying you love their products you might receive a £5 gift voucher from them. We've done that in the past. If you like veggie products try the qourns patties they are really nice and Linda Mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages they're nice too. Great recipe might have a go at this one 🙂 xx

  • I love your cooking videos… I don't think a bit of butter or margarine would hurt anything… maybe a bit of olive oil instead of butter? I hope you make another cooking video soon.. I enjoy them very much..

  • Your reaction to the onions was hilarious! Love to watch your cooking!

  • Mince and veg looked lush..
    The sweet potatoes looked good but yes I would of put butter in them lol I thought you were making a like cottage pie first of all lol untill you put potatoe cookies in oven.. I could smell it from here..I'll be round next weekend lol great video..👍

  • Awesome cooking there dawn it was like a bit of a veggie stew in a way looked nice 😀👍

  • Hello Dawn!! First time I hear about QUORN !!!! Never saw that before….a nice recipe for lunch 😉 how the weather in England ? In Brittany lot of rain I’m waiting to go back detecting … never gone this year :-/ bye bye Françoise from France 🇫🇷

  • Hi Dawn looked good to me
    I would of shallow.fried that sweet potato an daybed had some shredded cabbage and carrots with the patties. But like you say ya can do anything ya want.😀xx