Plant-Based Athlete Muscle Meals + Vegan Hotel Tour

Check out everything I eat in a day as a vegan physique athlete! Includes some tasty recipes, my workout and we review a new, mostly vegan hotel and restaurant; Revado.

Tempeh bacon recipe:

Revado Hotel/Revado Kitchens:

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Hi, I’m Paul Kerton – former Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Welcome to the official Hench Herbivore YouTube channel!

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I’m Paul Kerton, a former Personal Trainer and Vegan Nutritionist, I am now a full-time Social Media Influencer. Not so long ago, in a misguided attempt to try and grow muscle as quickly as possible, I ended up eating more animal products than probably anyone you’ve ever met. Through research, I came to learn the deleterious effects that eating even quite trivial amounts of animal products has on one’s health and through personal experience, I found that far from being a hindrance to sports performance, a well-planned vegan diet is actually optimal! Then with an open heart, I looked at how we treat animals in order for them to end up on our plates and it shook me to the core. I could not believe that for so long I fell for the lies that others tell us, that we tell ourselves, in order that we perpetuate this destructive behaviour. Destructive to ourselves, the beautiful, intelligent sentient beings that are here with us and indeed our very planet. To try and put right my part in all of this I was compelled to overcome my fear of being filmed for YouTube and television, appearing on the radio and more recently public speaking. On a spiritual level, I’ve come to realise that my fellow man too is suffering. If I won’t see harm come to a chicken I’ve never met then why would I be unkind to my brother man? If someone is being aggressive or unkind toward me, surely the suffering inflicted on them in the past is simply spilling over? Do I want to add to that, or can I step out of my ego long enough to forgive them and maybe break the cycle of negativity? This former, quick to anger “meat-head” bouncer has been on one transformative journey!

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  • Omg, that food looks so good! O_O

  • how on earth can anyone digest all those seeds? some guys have all the luck.

  • Love these full day of eating vids! Makes me hungry AF though 😋

  • The hotel is amazing! You are very lucky!

  • I feel healthier just watching this! I love how you get so much variety in your meals, (and no compromise on taste either). I thought that was a funny looking red onion tho, Lol! 😛 That hotel – wow, what was the vegan fish made from? Was it tofu or banana blossom maybe?

  • What do you think about red beet powder and red beets?
    Is there any trace of poison in root vegetables? I mean ginger and carrot to mention a few.
    I know you laughed out loud to Sv3rige when he said that carrot and ginger is poisonous.
    Is he completely wrong? Maybe one should use ginger and similar foods not too much, but as medical means.

  • The date packages look crazy in finland too haha.

  • Vegetarian fish 'n' chips – isn't that cheating? My stomach can handle fish but usually not soy beans.
    I question the idea that you get heart disease from a meat eating diet. My father and my father's father died from infarct, but I have a suspicion that it is due to something inherited. I don't have the same problem.
    So if you look at groups of people that eat exclusively meat like the arctic peoples, then you see that they have no heart problems. Am I wrong? When they meet the western civilization they get the same problems. I suspect the reason for the heart attacks is because of the carbohydrates of the grass seeds like wheat, especially when it is refined without any fibre.
    Contrary to your "friend" (or should I say forever foe) Sv3rige, I think it is good to eat fibres.

  • Going from what you said about worry. I been so disciplined for the past week years, I finally beat the disorder I dealt with enough to enjoy my wedding reception this past Saturday. I had vegan wedding cake! Had a couple drinks, really had a good time…. the next day back onto being disciplined again.

    It's about the rest of the days around it. I haven't had any alcohol in 2 and a half years prior and figured this would be the first real cheat day I've had since I started my weight loss journey.

    I can say without a doubt that I woke up the same guy. Didn't gain all the weight back and learned finally that having fun on occasion is needed.

    Good on you for enjoying this night out my friend. Glad to see you and Gemma loved it.

    You keep inspiring me brother. Love the heck outta ya and glad we crossed paths in life.

    Keep changing the world man. Together with like minded people we can make it a better place

  • Do you think that Goatis is a complete whacko?
    I know it is a bit strange but I subscribe to both of you…. 👀!
    I think both of you are interesting and may have substantial things to say.

  • Where does the protein-powder come from? I am interested genuinely, no joke.

  • What does Sv3rige think about this? Hehe

  • Super video, Paul. I appreciate the great food ideas. And you were absolutely killing it in the gym.

  • Nice video sir you are really a healthy fit and muscular vegan ❤️👍🏻👏👌

  • Paul sir what is your opinion on Dr Natasha Campbell McBride? She promotes meat and fish and other animal products 😔

  • Love love love a Hench Vlog! Always brightens my day up. Great seein u back at the gym 😄
    Food is lookin amazin as always, and that restaurant… 😃😃😃 I gotta visit Norwich!! N maybe never leave if I stay at that hotel!!

  • What a lovely and delightful video! So inspiring and makes me want to cook some more vegan dishes! Cheers!

  • Nice one folks…a very wholesome viewing experience.

  • yes sir, love the style of music in the background. Makes the video feel more upbeat and cinematic.