Kai Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Powder: Vanilla – 1 Canister – Powdered Vegetarian Protein Mix – Hunger Control, Energy, Diet Weight Loss, Whole Food Nutrition, Superfoods



Kai meal replacement shakes are the ultimate craving crusher, protein maximizer, superfood blend supplement on the market. A single serving of Kai offers 4X better protein absorption than other comparable products to provide full advantage of amino acids for building lean muscle and supporting muscle recovery, as well as a large serving of digestive friendly fiber and whole food nutrition. Two independent lab tests comparing five plant-based meal replacement protein powder competitors and ten whey protein-blend powder competitors both showed that Kai offers 4X better protein absorption over a 90-minute period. Kai contains a specially-formulated, proprietary enzyme blend that maximizes protein nutrition benefits. The enzyme blend used in Kai meal replacement shake is a non-animal enzyme blend that provides moisture-activated hydrolysis, converts protein into bio-available and bio-usable forms and promotes gastrointestinal comfort. Whereas many “meal replacement powder supplements” do little in the way of providing the calories and fiber needed to actually curtail hunger, Kai was formulated to knock out hunger. If you want a meal replacement supplement that truly tides you over and provides whole food nutrition, then Kai is the meal replacement shake for you. Kai contains Prebiotic Soluable Fiber. Unlike inulin and psyllium, which can cause digestive distress even in small quantities, Prebiotic Soluable Fiber has much higher tolerability, while still providing satiety. While many fibers may prevent mineral absorption when consumed in excess, Prebiotic Soluable Fiber helps improve mineral absorption by lowering the intestinal pH. Prebiotic Soluable Fiber also helps bolster intestinal microflora.Flavor: Vanilla – Each Serving: 71 Grams – 260 Calories, Natural Plant Derived High Protein (Pea, Brown Rice & Chia) (25 grams of protein per serving) – High Fiber (20 grams per serving)
4X Higher Protein Absorption – Proprietary Protein Digestion Enzyme Blend – Builds Muscles & Supports Muscle Recovery – Essential Amino Acids – 21 Vitamins & Minerals – Digestive Friendly, Prebiotic Dietary Fiber – Feel Full, Curbs Hunger – Low Sugar & Low Fat
Vegetarian (sweetened with dairy derived tagatose), Natural Ingredients, Sugar Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Lactose Free, Dairy Protein Allergen Free – Made with 55 organically grown, fermented super foods including Kombu, Acerola, Lotus Root & more
Great for breakfast, lunch, weight loss, nutritional supplement, workouts & protein for building lean muscle – Great for hiking, camping, biking & everyday meal replacement
Incredibly Delicious – Just Add Water and Shake to Prepare, or use as a smoothie base. For best flavor, use cold liquids and consume within 20 minutes

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