Foil Packet Cookbook: 30 Best Camp Recipes, Including Vegetarian and Low Carb Meals, to Make in 60 Minutes or Less for Quick, Easy, and Fun Camp Cooking (Outdoor Cooking & Camping Meals)



The easy way to cook full, delicious meals in a snap!

Camp cooking can be fun, easy and quick using foil packet cooking.

There is no doubt that you have heard about cooking using foil packets – aluminum foil wrapped ingredients, but there is much more potential to this cooking method than baked potatoes around the campfire!

If you are interested in learning some incredibly tasty, yet quick foil packet recipes to cook in the campfire or on your home grill, this plentiful recipe book is just what you’re looking for!

Inside You Will Learn

  • The Basics of Foil Packet Cooking
  • Campfire Cooking Substitutions
  • Tips For Perfect Foil Packet Cooking
  • 30 Creative Foil Packet Camp Style Recipes

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