Crispy Mexican Tacos With Refried Beans – Vegetarian Recipes by Archanas Kitchen

The Mexican Tacos a delicious and simple recipe that is made from red kidney beans. The traditional refried beans recipe is made from black beans. The crisp Tacos with hint of tabasco sauce, along with the salad that is topped refried beans adds punch and taste to the dish.

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  • Hello Archana Mam ,I am a new subscriber of ur your channel and I m enjoying pretty much by watching videos on this channel.

  • pl post detais about the pan u r using

  • Just subscribed, I love the way you film your videos… very streamlined ! Can't wait to see what you make next

  • please do tutorial cake in pressure cook. we are staying in usa

  • Archana, I recently came across your channel and I am really thankful I did. Have bookmarked a lot of recipes to try. I can't but notice that you use Kitchen Aid!! That happens to be my favourite brand. I see the Black blender behind you. I always eyed one, but due to space constraint in the kitchen, I went for the 750W heavy duty Philips as I will have 3 jars for various kinds of needs. Sad to say, it could not even mush broken banana pieces :-(. The body is so wobbly that one day on the high speed, it just flew of leaving my kitchen in a mess. I desperately want to change. Since you are so experienced with Kitchen aid, kindly guide me please. Can you make the Idli and the dosa batter in this blender? Is there a huge variation in the taste when you blend it with Kitchen aid blender for the good or for the bad? For Chutney should I opt for any other handy brand or this blender can handle that too? The wattage is just 550, will be able to do heavy duty churning of the batter for a joint family? So for so many questions. I did visit the local kitchen aid centre but unfortunately, I could not get convincing answers. Please do guide, would be indebted. If you can suggest any other brand that too will be wonderful. Many many thanks. God bless :-)

  • Perfect! Making these tacos for lunch tomorrow.

  • I didn't know you could make refried beans out of red kidney beans.
    Thanks to you I know what I'll try making this weekend. 🙂 Looks delicious. I love spicy food and mexican food.