Chef-Man Vegan Meals Ready to Eat For Vegetarians, Assorted Meals, Gluten Free, Pre cooked, Pre seasoned, Non GMO, Shelf Stable, non perishable, All natural, Meat free, Soy protein, OU Certified



Hungry? Hurried? Health conscious? Delicious, nutritious Chef-ManTM is for you!
Chef -ManTM is a new meat-free line of soy-protein beef & poultry style products.
All natural, with no fillers or preservatives, we use the highest quality soy and seasonings. Chef ManTM contains no dairy, sugar, eggs, or wheat products ­- its gluten free too. It sets new standards in quality and taste for today’s meatless consumer demand.
Chef-ManTM has many great advantages: Pre-cooked, pre-seasoned and shelf stable, Chef-ManTM is ready-to-eat, right out of the package. However, in addition, it is so versatile, it can be used as a base for gourmet meat or chicken style dishes.
Our beef goulash style looks and tastes like real beef. Our chicken styles look and taste like real chicken. Our line offers an unsurpassed taste and texture that will redefine your standards of quality in meatless soy protein products.Chef-Man ready-to-eat meals go anywhere you go; No refrigeration or preparation required, just open and enjoy
Chef-Man products are 100% vegan meals, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, High in protein
Dairy Free, OU Kosher certified, FDA approved, ISO approved,
Chef-Man products come in 6oz trays, 17-20g protein per 6oz tray,
Nut Free plant, Microwaveable, Heat & Eat in 60 seconds, No Cooking required

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