Bread Rolls Recipe | Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Snacks Recipes for Kids By Shilpi

Baked bread rolls a healthy Indian Vegetarian breakfast recipe or kids snack recipe.It can be evening snacks/teatime snacks or kids party snacks that can be made in minutes.

Here is ingredient list for Baked Bread Rolls recipe:
• Bread slices: 6
• Onion: ½ cup (Fine chopped)
• Bell peppers or capsicum: ½ cup (Fine chopped)
• Frozen corns: ½ cup (defrost)
• Chilly flakes: ½ tsp or to taste
• Green Chilly: 1 fine chopped
• Grated mozzarella cheese: ½ cup
• Salt: To taste
• Italian seasoning
• Olive Oil (or any other oil you prefer)

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