4 Vegan $1 One-Pot Meals (Meal Prep Friendly)

Super cheap one-pot meals! Quick and easy for meal preps, beginners and lazy days. Mexican Quinoa Bowl, One Pot Pasta, Lasagna Bowl, Smoky Bean Soup – College meals!

♡ Recipe: https://richbitchcooking.com/2018/10/02/vegan-1-one-pot-meals-meal-prep-friendly/

♡ Cheap Vegan Recipe Ebook: https://richbitchcooking.com/2018/01/16/cheap-easy-vegan-ebook-130-recipes-amazon/

♡ My Ultimate Grocery Budget Guide (Video + Printables): https://richbitchcooking.com/2018/07/19/ultimate-grocery-budget-guide/


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