Salad Recipes? Cottage Cheese? Cottage Cheese Vegetable Summer Salad

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This is one of my Mother’s favorite salad recipes and now it’s one of mine! This is a cottage cheese vegetable summer salad. This is one of the salad recipes that my grandmother used to make for my mother when she was a girl in NYC! It’s cooling and crunchy and loaded with fresh tastes. If you like really good salad recipes then try this cottage cheese vegetable summer salad as a side dish, a starter or even as a main course if you have a big enough bowl or plate.


2 Lbs. Cottage large curd drained.
2 Cucumbers peeled/seeded and diced fine.
8 to 10 Red radishes diced small.
1 Pack of scallions sliced finely.
2 to 4 Stalks of celery skin peeled off and diced into small cubes.
1/2 to 1 Cup cilantro finely chopped.
1 Cup chopped walnuts.
A little bit of salt. Be careful with the salt there is salt in the cottage cheese.
Black pepper to taste.
Optional: If you want spicy you can add red pepper flakes in place of black pepper.


You Will Need The Following Tools:
1 Large bowl enough to handle 2 Lbs. of cottage cheese and other ingredients.
1 Large Rubbermaid spatula to fold ingredients into each other.
1 Large strainer to drain the liquid out of the large curd cottage cheese.
1. Put large curd cottage cheese into the strainer over a bowl and allow liquid to drain.
2. You will have to shake the cottage cheese often to get the liquid out. Took 3 hours for me.
3. Peel/slice cucumber then dice cucumber put aside.
4. Clean and dice your radishes and put aside.
5. Clean and slice your scallions and put aside.
6. Clean and peel the skin off of 2 to 4 celery stalks and put aside.
7. Chop 1/2 to 1 cup of cilantro and put aside.
8. Have one cup of chopped walnuts set aside.
9. Salt and black pepper to taste.
Make The Salad:
Put the strained cottage cheese into a large bowl.
Add your diced cucumber and fold into cottage cheese with your Rubbermaid spatula.
Add your diced celery and fold it into the salad mixture.
Add your diced radish to the salad mixture and fold it into the mixture.
Add your sliced scallions and fold into salad mixture.
Add your cilantro now and fold into the salad mixture.
Now it’s time to add your walnuts to the salad mixture and fold in well.
Once this is all done your salad is technically finished.
You can put the salad mixture in the fridge to chill for awhile.
Now cut up some veggies to stuff with the salad mixture.

The longest part of the prep to make this salad is the draining of the liquid from the large curd cottage cheese. It took about 3hrs in a large strainer shaking the cottage cheese like it was spaghetti to get the liquid out. The rest of the prep and making of the salad is as stated above. If you want to skip this step then you can substitute farmer cheese for the cottage cheese and the salad will still be fantastic.

You can serve this salad by itself in a bowl or on a plate. I cut and stuffed a large tomato, a large red bell pepper, a cucumber and some white button mushrooms. This salad mixture is also fantastic as a cold pasta salad mixture as well.


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