Red Cabbage Salad & Easy Vinaigrette Recipes

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A good tip for helping with food prep during the busy work week is to take a little time during the weekend, or after shopping to pre-shred, cut, and prepare veggies that you can store in the fridge. I call this my ‘salad bar in a jar.’ If I don’t take the time, I may not be as likely to use the veggies while fresh, and may therefor eat less veggies, opting for something easy to grab.

Red cabbage is loaded w/ antioxidants. Cut it up, place and place in a bowl. Then squeeze squeeze squeeze to pre-digest. When ready to use, dress w/ lemon, lime, or the vinaigrette recipe in this video. Add shredded carrots, thin sliced red onion for more antioxidant power, scallions, fresh herbs, nuts, or whatever you like. Eat as is, or add to green salads.

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