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Mexican Tuna Salad.
Check out my Mexican Tuna Salad Recipe and discover how this recipe can help you make delicious tuna salad on mexican way and lose fat in same time. You will be enjoying the protein from lean meat of fish allowing your body stay in :

-good health
-fat free
-high in protein and is easily prepared

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– The meat chop it in fine. In a bowl the potatoes, add the meat, spices, cottage cheese, and eggs. the mixture a good stir. There must be no lumps but should be uniform. seasoned with salt and pepper to taste and other spices that you prefer. The long, pan coated with baking paper, place the mihture .Put to bake in oven preheated to 180 degrees , about 30 minutes until a nice golden yellow collor.After 30 minutes leave it to cool 10 minutes. Take in a pan put the tomatoes and seasoned them with salt and pepper, put a little olive oil and put to seal in a hot oven about 10 minutes. From cake with cheese cut several pieces put them on a plate for serving.

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