How to Make Octopus Salad – Recipes, Dishes and Healthy Italian Seafood

Octopus Salad! What recipes can I use my perfectly tenderized octopus in? A follow up to episode #9 on how to tenderize and prepare your octopus, we have now come out with several recipe episodes for octopus. A short while ago we did Pesce Marinato, a dish using several seafood items, including octopus in our version. But these next two give our octopi star billing as the central ingredient. This week is part one, Octopus Salad. Next week is part two, Grilled Octopus. Can’t wait for that one! As soon as our video recap is up on our blog, a link will be posted at the top. Or you can visit our blog just by going to

Octopus Salad Recipe recap on our blog: OFFICIAL WEBSITE
And, for more healthy recipes, visit Tastemade’s Health & Diet recipes:


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