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Nigerian Salad goes well with Nigerian Rice delicacies. Watch videos at:

Nigerian Salad with the classic look and taste is so easy and cheap to make. If you are looking to get the classic taste of the Nigerian Salad, the following ingredients are all you need. no need to spend too much money 🙂

1/2 medium bunch of Lettuce
2 medium sized Carrots
2 small pcs of Irish Potatoes
1 pc of Cucumber
3 medium Eggs
1/2 415g tin of Baked Beans in tomato sauce
100g of Sweet Corn
3 pcs of Plum Tomatoes (Jos Tomatoes)
Salad Dressing — the classic Heinz Salad Cream works best with the Nigerian Salad recipe. You can see it here:
A close substitute is the Heinz Caesar Salad Cream. I used this in the video because I can’t easily buy the classic Heinz Salad Cream where I live. You can use mayonnaise too.

The following are optional ingredients for the Nigerian Salad:
Corned Beef
Macaroni (cooked till soft)
Onions etc

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