How to Make German Potato Salad

This German potato salad recipe comes from the south of Germany. It is the Swabian version and is very simple to make. All you need are potatoes, a little onion, parsley, oil, vinegar and salt. It has a very tiny amount of mayonnaise that helps it emulsify.

Unfortunately, I really don’t have a recipe per say for this potato salad. What I mean is you will have to taste is as you go and adjust the flavors. It has to taste like a salt and vinegar chip so don’t be scared to add the salt and vinegar. This salad is not good for you but it sure is good. It is not something you would eat on a daily basis. I make is two to three times during the Summer.

You will notice in this video that I use my hands to prepare this. This is necessary as you have to make this with slices potato and try and leave it as intact as possible. If you use a spoon or spatula you run the risk of mashing the potatoes.

It is also important that you are careful when cooking the potatoes. You need to cook them in a pot with salted water (be generous with the salt) that is not boiling furiously. Let the potatoes simmer in the pot ans start checking them in around 20 minutes by piercing them with a long fork. If the potato is cooked the fork will go through easily.

Once the potatoes are ready remove them one by one onto a flat pan. Do not dump them into the sink as they will get banged and mashed. Cook them down and then peel them.

Many years ago I used to own a deli in Meredith, NH. It was called Lake Shore Deli and this was one of the most popular salads we had. People would come over from every where to purchase it. We were famous for our German potato salad recipe.


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  • I made your recipe and it was wonderful! but I have to practice cooking the Potatoes to the correct firmness. I have just one question. How do you prepare the onion? Do you grate it , chop it or mince it.

  • Enjoyable and personable energy as you explain this salad.  Fun to watch because of that!!!!  Keep up the good work.  JHM

  • Hello!  I lived in the south west side of Germany and this is very similar to what I learned to make it.  We didn't use mayo but we added fresh diced cucumber and fried bacon chips.  I'm sure it's the regions that make the changes but yours is very nice.  I'm certain this wouldn't make that much difference but it was awesome when I tasted it and made it.  I love you videos and keep'em coming.  You are awesome. 🙂 Best Wishes.

  • German potato salad made by German relativess was served hot, otherwise pretty true to your recipe. 

  • not necessary to add becon chef 

  • looks delicious!! Wish I could eat it. I love that you didn't put bacon in it. When I lived in Germany…I went to a party and had a green lettuce salad made by a native German woman….this was before the Berlin wall came down. This green lettuce salad had the best vinegar on it…The way she oiled it and then had the vinegar soaking in it was delicious. I love European vinegar better than American vinegar. Anywho…I love potato salad. Thanks for this video. You did it well with exact detailed instructions.  Very easy to understand….how everything should be. :)Now I can finally make this potato salad. It will be my first try.

  • This looks great but how long did it take to peel all those potatoes? Would it hurt to leave the skins on. For me this would save a lot of time. Too labor intensive to peel so many potatoes.

  • This is nearly a Swabian version. In Origninal you need also meat or instant broth.
    My recipe from here in Swabia:
    1. Put the warm sliced potatoes in a bowl. 2. Sliced onions on top. 3. Put a litte bit warm ,little oversalted, meat broth, mixed with vinegar, over the potatoes. 4. Mix the salad. Wait until the marinade gets into the potatoes, Meat broth again, and so on.
    5. At last the oil !!!, if not, the flavor cannot get good enough into the potatoes. There is no mayonnaise in a swabian salad

  • Thank you Albert! I appreciate it! Have a great week!

  • Que maravilla! Gracias por avisarme! Perdones por la tardanza en responder! Que este muy bien!

  • looks so good ! i like your style.

  • Sra. Mary Ann hice esta ensalada y quedo deliciosa 🙂 gracias. Me encanto

  • Hi Lynn. I really do not understand the need to be so aggressive. I have never had a boss or supervisor – never in my life. I thank you for the unsolicited geography class but would like also to wish you a good and happy life. It appears you might be needing one. I was raised in a culture where we thank people, so if that offends you I am sorry. Take care of yourself. Life is good, promise.

  • This what I was trying to ge across, but all I get is "Thank you for stopping by". There is no Northern Germany an Southern Germany, only High Germany and Low Germany, meaning Low lands near the North Sea or High Germany meaning in the Alps or mountains. Pastryparrot1 is a good name since she can only repeat what here catering company supervisor has demonstrated to her. She has no idea why, just parrots it back. Hot potato salad is from Saxon peasant serfs survival skills. Don't be a sap..

  • It took me three days to make that potato salad, THREE DAYS!

  • This is the Swabian version of potato salad. It's from the south of Germany. In other regions it looks very different. Shame on you for assuming Germany has only one way to make potato salad. As for this being frugal – potaotes, salt, little onion, oil and vinegar sounds pretty frugal to me. Thank you for stopping by.