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Happy New Year Everyone!!!! If you’re like me then you probably made a New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier and lose some weight. (Don’t judge me!) I wanted to share with you my favorite salad which is a Cranberry Chicken Salad! This Cranberry Chicken Salad has ton of flavors and textures and one that you will enjoy. Healthy recipes don’t have to be bland at all. One of my favorite parts about this Healthy Chicken Salad is that it a subtle sweetness from the cranberries and a nice crunch from the almonds. And to top it all off, this salad also has some feta cheese which is frankly one of the keys to my heart! Let me know what you guys think. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share with your foodie friends 🙂

Grilled chicken breasts
Spring mix
Feta cheese
¼ red onion thinly sliced
Oregano to taste
Sliced Almonds
Black pepper to taste
Salt optional
Dressing of choice

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