Rainbow DIY Cake ♡ Homemade Oreo DIY Frosting Treats ♡ Quick & Fast Recipes

Rainbow Cake DIY ♡ Homemade Oreo DIY Frosting Treats ♡ Quick & Fast Recipes

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Do you want to know how to make DIY Homemade Oreo cream? And how to recycle rainbow frosting for a Rainbow cake?
Today I show you how to make rainbow Oreo cookies with Frosting and Rainbow food coloring!
I also show you how to reuse the leftover cream making a Rainbow cake! I also create Banana Rainbow Bites!

here all my easy and fast Rainbow recipes!
1.Rainbow oreo cookies! Fill oreos with rainbow colors is super easy and super Yummy !

2. I reuse the leftover rainbow frosting cream as on banana bites!

3. You can also used the Frosting as a topping on a Rainbow chocolate cake!

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