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Get ALL 30 Issues! Each issue has five easy dinner recipes and a complete weekly grocery list for those recipes on the back side.
So, are you ready to get cooking?
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With your order you’ll recieve 30 Issues of School Night Dinner Ideas! That’s less than $1.00 per issue! Each meal planner has five recipes and a complete weekly grocery list!

250 recipes and 30 grocery lists to access anytime anywhere.

Once the cookbook is downloaded, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking is a “no-brainer”. Simply open the grocery list up on your smart phone at the store. When you get home, you will have everything you need to cook at home for the entire week.

Don’t worry, the recipes are EASY. Each recipe has been tested for easy preparation and family appeal.

And the best part is you will be gathering your family around the dinner table every school night!

You can use the meal planners over and over!

You can print all the meal planners and put them in a 3-ring binder or you can pull them up on your smart phone or tablet at the grocery store or in the kitchen!

Did you know the average fast food dinner has 500 calories and costs about $6.50 per serving? You will save time and calories with the School Night Dinner Ideas Meal Planners Guaranteed.

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