Dal Vada | South Indian Tea Time Snack | Quick and Easy Recipe

A delicious tea time snack you will absolutely love. The crispy vadas with the flavour of spice is the perfect companion for your tea. A very famous south Indian dish now a favourite dish across India. Every region has it’s own variations. This is my take on the traditional recipe. I am sure you will enjoy.
Let’s make Dal Vada.


1) split Bengal grams – 2 cups, soaked for 3 hrs
2) Onions- 4 chopped
3) Coriander- 2 tbsp chopped
4) Curry leaves- 2 tbsp chopped
5) Ginger- chilli paste- 2 tbsp
6) Salt as required
7) Oil as required


– Grind the soaked dal to a coarse paste without adding water.
– You can leave some dal whole if you like
– remove the paste in a large bowl
– add the chopped onions, coriander, curry leaves, ginger chilli paste and salt
– mix well
– take some batter in your hands and shape it into a flat disc.
– shape the vadas as thin as possible for crispy vadas
– deep fry the vadas in high flame
– fry till crisp and golden brown on the outside
– remove on an absorbent paper.
– Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

*** do not use any water while making the vadas. Drain the soaked dal well before grinding.

***grind to a very coarse paste for the perfect dal vada

*** serve immediately as they taste best when hot.

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