Your Catch Is A Main Dish. “Russian Fishing” Premium Restaurant. Russian Food. St Petersburg, Russia

“Russian Fishing” is a premium restaurant at Krestovsky Island of St Petersburg, Russia. Since 1999. For 20 years it is never lost it’s popularity.

Many times it is awarded as the best restaurant in St Petersburg. In 2014, NY Times listed “Russian Fishing” as one of the most unusual restaurants in the World.

“Russian Fishing” restaurant has it’s own pond with different kids of fish – starlet, sturgeon, trout, carp, whitefish. Every guest may take a fishing rod and catch the fish he wants. This catch goes to the kitchen right away.

The restaurant is actually a two-storied wooden house made of uncalibrated cedar and larch logs. In the summer time it is considered more like an outdoor terrace of the South Pond of Krestovsky Island.

A motto of restaurant is “Your Catch is The Main Dish”. However, there is not only a fish menu, but a wide variety of Russian cuisine, including meat dishes.

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