White Pasta with Spicy Koila Chicken and white sauce recipe, learn how to make it from Food Fusion

Here is a special White #Pasta with #Spicy Koila #Chicken.
We would like to thank our home chef Sehrish Dogar​ for visiting our studio and sharing this great recipe with us.

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White Pasta with Spicy Koila Chicken Recipe in Urdu

Pasta ko boil karne ke ajza:
– Pasta 250 gm.
– Namak 1 chai ka chamach
– Oil 1 khane ka chamach

Spicy Koyla Chicken ke ajza:
– Boneless Chicken 2 Fillets
– Oil 2 khane ke chamach
– Dahi 1 Cup
– Zarde Rang ½ Chai ka chamach
– Soya Sauce 2 Khane ke chamach
– Sirka 2 khane ke chamach
– Kuti hui Lal Mirch 1 Chai ka chamach
– Paprika 1 Chai ka chamach
– Koyla ka Tukra 1

White Sauce ke Ajza:
– Makhan 4-5 khane ke chamach
– Maida 3 khane ke chamach
– Lehsan 4 jawe ka paste
– Doodh 1 ½ Cup
– Cheddar Cheese 50 gm.
– Shimla Mirch 1
– Oregano 1 chai ka chamach
– Thyme 1 chai ka chamach
– Cream ½ Cup

Bananay ka tareeka:

Pasta Boil karnme ka tareeka:
– Aik baray pateelay mai paani ubal lain or jb wo boil pea aye tu Pasta shamil Karen aur phir namak aur oil shamil karke 10-15 minute keliye boil karlen.
– Pani nikal len aur phir thande paani se guzar kar chan len. Thora sa oil daal kar mix karlen is tarah pasta chipkega nahi.

Spicy Koyla Chicken:
– Boneless chicken fillet main cuts laga len. Ek pyale main chicken fillets shamil Karen, dahi, zarde ka rang, soya sauce, sirka, kuti hui lal mirch, namak aur paprika shamil kar ke mix karlen aur 45 minutes keliye marinate Karen.
– Aik pan me oil lain aur marinate chicken fillet ko dono side se fry kar len. Phir us main ek koila rakhlen aur zara sa oil daal kar dum keliye cover karlen.

White Sauce:
– Aik pan mai makhan shamil Karen phir us main lehsan shamil karke mix karlen. Lehsan k golden honay tk ka intezar na karain aur pan ko choolay se utar lain. Ab us main maida shamil karke achi tarah mix Karen aur phir doodh shamil Karen phir cream shamil karke achi tarah mix karen. Mix karne keliye lakri ka chamach istamal Karen.
– Mixture ko wapis choolay pr rkhain aur namak, kali mirch, oregano or thyme shamil Karen.
– Sauce ke thick hone tak pakaen. Ab kati huee Shimla mirch aur Cheese shamil karke mix Karen.
– Sauce thick hone par pasta shamil karke mix Karen.
– Ab Spicy koila chicken shamil Karen.

Tip: Chicken ko cubes main cut karke pasta main achi tarah mix bhi karsakte hain.

White Pasta with Spicy Koila Chicken Recipe in English


For boiling Pasta:
– Penne Pasta 250 gm.
– Salt 1 Teaspoon
– Cooking Oil 1 Tablespoon

Spicy Koila Chicken:
– Boneless Chicken 2 Fillets
– Oil 2 Tablespoon
– Yoghurt 1 Cup
– Yellow Artificial Color ½ Teaspoon
– Soya Sauce 2 Tablespoon
– Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
– Chili Flakes 1 Teaspoon
– Paprika 1 Teaspoon

White Sauce:
– Butter 4-5 Tablespoon
– Flour 3 Tablespoon
– Garlic paste of 4 Cloves
– Milk 1 ½ Cup
– Cheddar Cheese 50 gm.
– Oregano 1 Teaspoon
– Thyme 1 Teaspoon
– Cream ½ Pack
– Capsicum 1


Boiling Pasta:
– In a big pan take water and bring it to boil and add salt, oil and pasta. Boil pasta for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure it does not get over cooked.
– Drain water when it’s done and run tap water or cold water over it so the pasta does not stick together. Run your fingers through them till it cools and then add oil and mix so it is evenly spread.

Spicy Koila Chicken
– Make cuts in Chicken fillet. In a bowl add chicken, yoghurt, yellow artificial color, soya sauce, vinegar, salt, chili flakes and paprika and marinate for 45 minutes.
– In a pan add oil and cook chicken on medium flame until tender. In the end give it koylay ka dum by placing a piece of coal in pan and pour few drops of oil and cover for 10 minutes.

White Sauce
Add butter in a pan when it melts add garlic paste in it. After a few seconds it should start giving a good aroma. Don’t wait for the garlic to turn golden. Take the pan off the heat and add flour and mix it in the butter. Start adding milk now gradually and keep stirring. Add cream and mix. Put pan on the heat again.
Add salt, black pepper, thyme and oregano and any Italian herb of your choice. It will start to thicken. Add Capsicum and cheese and then add pasta and mix well.
Now add chicken fillet and serve.

Tip: You can cut chicken in cubes or strips and mix well in pasta.

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