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Vegan Keema Madras with lentils. Serve this with flatbread, rice or with dosa, appam. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Recipe Nut-free Option.

Here is another ridiculously delicious Indian meal. Yum Brown food. Indian Keema is a minced meat dish with various meats used depending on the region. North Indian Keema is cooked with spices and served with thick flatbreads. This South Indian Keema uses whole spices, poppy seeds, fennel seeds and coconut for a fantastic flavor base.

The red lentils and potatoes are cooked to al dente. The spices are ground and roasted in a bit of oil, then the onion and garlic are added and cooked with the spices. The pureed tomato is then added and simmered until the sauce thickens. Then the cooked lentils are mixed in. By mixing the lentils later, the spices and the sauce get time and surface area to roast well and develop flavor. If you add lentils before the sauce has cooked, or along with the tomato to cook, the overall flavor suffers as the extra volume hinders the roasting. You can use other cooked lentils or beans and veggies of choice in this delicious sauce.

As I always mention with the more involved recipes, don’t be intimidated by the spice list, and experiment with the flavor to preference. Use whichever spices you have, 1-2 missing spices are all ok as there is a lot of overall flavor!

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