The Gallbladder Diet: Main Dishes (US Edition): Easy, low-fat recipes for a healthy life after gallbladder removal surgery


h2>Don’t eat low-fat food. Eat delicious food.

US edition with imperial units.

43 fast and easy main dishes that will stop life without a gallbladder from turning into a nightmare.

Personally tested by the author of this cookbook.

Stop being afraid of fat and start living your life!

November 2017, my life was over.
I had an awful pain in my stomach area. The only thing I wanted to do was to cower in my bed and die. My doctor’s diagnosis: gall- stones. Lots of them. Which had shut down my life for the past 6 month without me knowing what was wrong. I had surgery late November. A laparoscopic cholecystectomy. In layperson’s terms: my gallbladder was removed. And two days later I was discharged from hospital with the sound advice that I should eat low-fat food from now on.
Of course, this suggestion was most helpful (please note my sarcasm). Until then, fat was an important part of my diet. The human body needs fat. And women in particular need a certain amount of fat every day to stay healthy. And now the doctors and nurses were telling me that, suddenly, I should stop eating fat?
O.K., I found out pretty quickly that too much fat isn’t good for me. My liver still continues to produce bile, but I don’t have a gallbladder anymore to store bile for the times when I eat a lot of fat. And, as it turned out, this had a rather unpleasant effect on my digestion.
On the plus side: I really like to cook. So this wasn’t the end for me. I started a process of trial and error to find out what my body could tolerate – and what my body wouldn’t tolerate. I simply took the dishes that I had liked before my surgery and changed them. Mostly, I cut high-fat ingredients and tried to find substitutes. Also, I tested how much fat my body could tolerate in one meal, and I adapted my recipes to that. Now I have a small collection of recipes tailor-made for people who just had their gallbladder removed. Enjoy!

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