Spaghetties with Meatball | VLOG #23 | What I Ate Today [Nutritarian/Vegan]

In this video I do a basic overview of what I ate during the day. It was all vegan, nutritarian and yummy. Low salt, no oil, no sugar. Also it tasted amazing. I talk about the concept about “the Salad is the Main Dish” from Dr Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live, and I discuss how that concept has changed my life. I also came up with a new way to eat my salad, and I loved it. I talk about hunger being the true force of driving whether you like a dish or not. All very important nutritarian concepts that I am continuing to learn and re-learn each day!!

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  • I have always followed that thinking. A couple tablespoons of rice, after all my main veggies at Thai or Chinese places, all my colors before the 'browns' (beef, pork, chicken or fish) when I was little…really pissed my parents off, but I was CLEARLY the advanced species in that family.