Sinigang na Lapu lapu sa Miso (Filipino Sour Fish Soup with Miso Paste)

Sinigang na Lapu lapu sa Miso is a Filipino sour fish soup that makes use of grouper fish as the main ingredient. Unripe tamarind is also used to provide a sour flavor to the dish.

The complete recipe can be viewed here:

Sinigang dishes or sour soup with either meat or seafood is a favorite among the Filipinos in and outside of the Philippines. These compilation of singang recipes is a good resource to start with

This Filipino sinigang recipe is cooked using the traditional way of cooking sinigang, which is to boil the tamarind to extract the sour flavor.

The following are the ingredients used for this recipe:

grouper, okra, mustard leaves, onion, tomato, miso paste, long green pepper, daikon radish, and fish sauce

Here are the steps:

(01:06) Extract the flavor from the tamarind by boiling it.
(02:50) Cook the tomato, onion, and miso
(04:24) Add the fish and vegetables
(05:59) Add the seasoning and mustard leaves
(06:59) Enjoy!

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