Simple Gudu iguru recipe// super easy// side dish or main course //BHAGYASREE

Simple Gudu iguru recipe// super easy// side dish or main course //BHAGYASREE

If any one missed to watch

Ma ammagari intlo Vinayaka chavithi vlog //Ganesh festival at my mom’s place

Instant rava idly with groundnuts & coconut chutney //    useful for students &working women’s // easy recipe// time saved

DIML happy Vinayaka chavithi //11 nivedhyalu recipes &pooja

pigeon handy mini chopper UN BOXING &honest review//review// how to chop various vegetables  

Lemon chicken recipe oil free// sunday special // BHAGYASREE 

How to do make-up for little Krishna& dressing || how to wear Krishna foot steps krishnudi chinni addugulu || BHGYASREE 

Simple basic silk thread bangles|| different & suitable  lace|| how to make basic silk plain pattern|| BHGYASREE

DIML in sravana masam Varalakshmi vratham special puja | | ammavari bomma&decoration

HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN|| few of my rakhi designs that I made

My varalakshmi vratham special live

INDEPENDENCE DAY DIML|| my son’s gold medal || 5 different colours dosa || BHAGYASREE 

Rakhi Design no2 || Raksha bandhan|| BHAGYASREE 

Rakhi design no1 || basic design || BHAGYASREE 

My silk thread collection|| i made them || for sale comment below|| BHAGYASREE 

DIML full day vlog || menthipapu ||cleaning sink|| tomato soup|| pulka|| BHAGYASREE

Disappointing moment👎 || travel vlog to tpty|| gruhapravesam could i buy or not ?? ||BHAGYASREE 

Latest black beads Mangasutra designs||so many designs u will definitely like||BHAGYASREE 

Singer fasion maker 8280 embroidery &sewing machine demo of mine || 8 basic embroidery stitches || BHAGYASREE 

My last live video

UNBOXING star shimmer highter of 5shapes|| sivanna colour|| filpkart super packing|| BHAGYASREE 

Fully powerfull Anti- dandruff hair oil its already tested nd proved to my hair||my personal experience || treat dandruff from home


సగ్గుబియ్యం ఉప్మా (సగ్గుబియ్యం కిచిడి)||recipe by my aunty (Durga) tanks for recipe ||vegetable || kids fav

Local market near my town||small vlog|| BHAGYASREE 

Pesara kattu || simple tiffen box recipe || recipe by my sis inlaw|| BHAGYASREE 

My last live video link

Smoke effect intro how to edit || for u all frnds u support me always In Youtube|| BHAGYASREE 

Jewellery collection || what i have seen nd sharing to u all guys|| BHAGYASREE

My 2nd live 

Kakarakay curry(pusulu) || chapathi ki best || Bhagyasree

Mixed veg curry (kurma) puri kurma|| curry || tasty||Bhagyasree 

Tasty kakarakay fry || after u tasted it doesn’t mean its kakarakay u are eating || Bhagyasree

How to cover Books cover for school&easy to remove ground nuts || tips 

Easy tip to peel the garlic skin || kitchen tips || useful for every mom or wife|| 

How i use and cleaned butterfly rhino grinder || beginners || cleaning

గుత్తి వంకాయ కూర || brinjal curry in indian style||

Telugu style Tomato pickle recipe by my atha amma|| cooking || tomato ||

Watch “Crispy Chips with Leftover chapathi || kids

Watch “1st Live” on YouTube

Easy tiffen box recipe Vangi bath recipe by my athamma || delicious|| rice iteam

Watch “Unboxing mic from amazon|| usefull for beginners|| youtube channel users accessories

Delicious mutton fry recipe by my inlaw’|| cooking|| 

Watch “Method 1 how to string jasmine flowers with

Watch “Sweet corn vegetable soup || recipes || cooking

Watch “How to string Jasmine flowers with chair or leg toe|| another method|| for beginners” on YouTube

Watch “Behind the scenes beauty spa in tirupathi my review|| excellent service & respect t

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