Savory Meat Pies & Pastries: Main Dish Dinner Meals! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 20)


A meat pie or savory filled meat pastry is an economical and easy way to use leftovers or to create hearty meals. You can make the dishes from just about anything. The whole family will love meat pies and turnovers. The variations are endless. Meat filled turnovers are great to keep on hand in the freezer and for eating on the go. Kids and teenagers love these hand pies.

With 90 recipes, you will find any number of main dish pies or savory filled turnovers to please your family. Also included are our favorite hash recipes. Hash is great for a quick and hearty meal using leftovers.

Having prepared pie crust or dough on hand in the freezer will allow you to make a quick and easy meal in no time. I have included 3 of my favorite crust recipes for savory pies or turnovers. All the crust recipes freeze well and are easy to make.

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