Sauteed Mushrooms – traditional italian recipe

Hello everyone and welcome back on our channel. Today we will learn how to prepare a simple and tasty side dish: sautéed mushrooms. For 4 portions we will need: 800 gr of mushrooms (you can choose champignons, ovuli, porcini or a mushrooms mix), 2 cloves of garlic, parsley, extravirgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Let’s start cleaning the mushrooms: first of all we remove the lower part, then — in the case of the porcini mushrooms — we brush them accurately and then clean them with a wet towel. The other mushrooms (which have a less spongy texture) can be washed briefly with water. Now we slice the mushrooms in wedges (in the case of the small ones) or in slices. We mince well the garlic and the parsley, then we start cooking the mushrooms. We pour 4 or 5 spoonfuls of oil in a pan, then we add the garlic and we let it get golden. If you prefer, you can use the whole clove, or press it, so later you can remove it more easily. We add part of the parsley and then the mushrooms. We bring the stove at a medium heat and we let the mushrooms pan fry; we melt, we add the salt and let them cook, melting every now and then. After 5 or 6 minute the mushrooms will be cooked; we let them go on cooking until their water has almost completely evaporated. The mushrooms are ready: we add some more pepper and parsley, then we switch off the stove. The mushrooms must look not completely dry. This recipe is a good side dish to combine with meat, fish or egg dishes, but it can be used as a starter, as well. It can also be used as a base for the preparation of sauces or stuffings. Goodbye from Sonia and see you to the next recipe. Welcome to CucinaConoi English, the YouTube channel of, the popular Italian recipes website. Are you looking for a way to surprise your guests with a tasty original Italian recipe? Than you are on the right channel! Subscribe not to miss any new recipe clicking on this link Have fun preparing our recipes!
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