Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at Home Course 3 part 1 Main Dish Steak and Shrimp Ka Bobs

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In this seven-part video series, Teri Gault of demonstrates how to have a “Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at Home” a five course dinner of “do-aheads”. She shares her strategies on how to do most of the cooking ahead of time, and still have time to get all dolled up for your sweetheart. She emphasizes that it’s time to celebrate with luxury treats like shrimp, crab and steak which are often on some of the lowest sales of the year for Valentine’s day. With clever advance preparation, she shows how to enjoy saving money, all while avoiding the restaurant crowds. Teri says it’s the perfect night for the kids to have a sleepover at Grandma’s. Then light the candles, put on soft music, and spend time with the one you love! All recipes and more details can be found in “The Kitchen” and on Teri’s Blog at

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