Recipe | How To Make Lettuce Wrap Fish Tacos (Main Dish)
These Lettuce Wrap Fish Tacos were inspired by Wahoo’s here in California. I love when a dish is not only healthy but also satisfying and delicious. If you think about it…what we love most about tacos is the filling. If that’s the case you can just eliminate the tortilla and at the same time eliminate all those carbs, calories and fat. Give these Lettuce Wrap Fish Tacos a shot and I promise you they’ll have you craving them time and time again!

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Ingredient List

Tilapia 3 Fillets
Black Beans (Canned) 1 Can
Pico De Gallo 4 oz
Romaine or Boston Lettuce Leaves 6 Leaves
Salt to taste
Lemon Pepper to taste
Lime 1
Olive Oil Spray

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