Pork Schnitzle Recipe – Noreen’s Kitchen

Greetings! Let’s make the main dish to go along with that sweet and sour cabbage. Schnitzle is nothing more than a piece of beef, chicken or pork or veal that has been pounded thinly and dredged in flour, egg and breadcrumb and fried in hot oil. The best cutlet you will ever have. Served up with cabbage and noodles and you have a traditional German meal, worthy of my Grandmother!

Simple and delicious, this meal is sure to be put on your list for those special occasions. My youngest has already requested this for her birthday dinner. But she will honestly change her mind before that rolls around in October.

I hope you give this a try and I hope you enjoy it. As always Happy Eating!

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  • This is how I cook up deer I've taken. It's delish, as I bet your meal was. Red cabbage is just the cats pajamas!

  • Noreen you have a beautiful voice, the meal looks scrumptious.

  • I like to watch you cook alot.  You are down to earth.  JMO  I do not like it when husband/cameraman  comments.  It just is distracting.

  • Schnitzel**
    your kids are so lucky!! i wish my mother could cook 😛

  • Thanks for the kind comments. I love what you said about people leaving your house heavier than they arrived. We have a saying in our house, If you go hungry here, it's your own fault! I once read an autobiography called "Stuffed" by a woman who's father owned a restaruant during the depression. She wrote in one chapter that "When you opened our refrigerator, food fell at your feet." I love that! That is how it should be! Cooking is the ultimate expression of love in my opinion!

  • I first ate this at a German restaurant the meat took up half the plate! I'm an American Mongrel of Polish, Lithuanian, German, & Irish. We are not shy eaters and when company comes for dinner they leave heavier then they arrived and with food to take home. Love your cooking! I'm not a new subscriber my last account was luvspitbulls61 but something happened to my Google account, blitzed everything.

  • Hi love it videos. Can make traditional German potatoes salad

  • u need to make a potato salat to it (kartoffelsalat) thats the best

  • german schnitzel is the best i ever had

  • I clicked "Like" when i heard her singing :3

  • In Austria, by law it has to be called Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein (vom Schwein meaning from pork or pig)to differentiate it from the original. In Austria and Germany, the term Wiener Schnitzel is protected by law, and any schnitzel called by that name has to be made from veal. It's a copyright issue, and stops people trying to sell pork Schnitzel for Veal. But on your show, a rose by the same name smells as sweet.

  • when I first met Noreen She was barley seventeen she was drinking whisky sours at the bar. The way she knocked them back I would of had a heart attack but as it was a let her drive my car.. Love your Vids Noreen!

  • @HackerGuitarist Yes, I am well aware that traditional schnizle is made with veal. Have you seen the price of veal? This is how my German grandmother made this and we were all happy. I'm glad I don't have to follow European culinary law in the U.S. Thanks for watching. Noreen : )

  • One more thing.
    I would love to hear more of your singing. The video from last Thanksgiving really tugged on my heartstrings. Maybe during the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays you can do some more. :o)

  • I love watching your videos Noreen, they make me happy. On your comments on how your kids probably don't know how good they have it…When they grow up and start having their own family, I'll just bet they will realize then how good they had it and all those great memories will flood back. Not to mention that you also have all you and all your great recipes archived on video :o)

  • I had the privilege to study abroad for a semester in Austria. We Americans were often feted by the locals and invariably they served us schnitzel. They always served it with french frieds, never noodles. Once they offered us a choice of either chicken soup or "lungensuppe" (lung soup). The other students opted for the chicken but I wanted to try the local food so I tried t he lung soup. It was very good. The best Austrian dish I had was beuschel, a large dumpling covered with sweetbread gravy.

  • I LOVE using pork tenderloin and always stock up when they go on sale…..This gives me yet another use for my "stockpile"…..Thanks again for yet another great meal idea! BTW I'm sorry to hear that you only cook for family. I'm 46 yrs. old, very well behaved and handy around the house: have you ever considered adopting an "Older child?" (doesn't hurt to ask)

  • I'd drop in but the commute would kill me……….