Paleo Main Dishes I: Delicious Paleo Main Dishes


There are various types of diets and different people have those that they strictly follow for their own reasons.

Paleo diet is one of such diets. It’s a diet whose main focus is around all of the healthy and nutritive ingredients which our ancestors would consume during the Paleolithic period.

Humans ate this kind of food for thousands of years, which ensured that their bodies would be used to consuming such kinds of nourishment.

The sugars, dairy goods, and grains produced by farms have only been consummated for a few thousand years, which is too short of a time for us to get adapted.

Our bodies still desire all of the nutrition which was accessible before the first plows turned over parts of the earth, or before the first cattle were penned.

The food we eat each day would be an improper type of food for human beings – we’re like fish making an attempt to exist on foreign foods or horses who are forced to eat fish.

This book contains recipes with paleo diet which is proven to be very nutritious and keeps us healthy and strong.


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