New recipe of Poha, अगर एक बार बनायेंगे तो बार बार बनाना पड़ेगा ऐसी है ये पोहे रेसिपी, Dadpe Pohe

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Dadpe Pohe is a Maharashtrian recipe that gives an amazing twist everyday rice flakes. Pohe, rice flakes, or Flattened rice is a breakfast staple in most Maharashtrian homes. There is more than one way to prepare delicious poha. Kanda Poha has a lot of onions in it. Similarly, the batata poha has potatoes and no onion in it. The kanda batata poha is the most common variety and has both onions and potatoes in it. The taste varies quite a lot if you alter the poha ingredients. Dadpe pohe recipe uses raw, unwashed poha, which is mixed with vegetables and tempered with very aromatic ingredients.

It is salty, slightly sweet, and wholesomely delicious. The raw poha in dadpe pohe gets softened because of the moisture that is released by the vegetables. You won’t be able to tell the poha is uncooked; it absorbs the flavors so well.

Dadpe Pohe Recipe is spicy, sweet and makes for a perfect breakfast or an evening snack served along with a cup of Hot Ginger Tea.

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