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Restaurant style Indian main course recipe for lunch spinach and mushroom Curry Recipe. This mushroom spinach curry is also part of my Indian lunch recipe for work and Indian dinner idea series. It is spicy, flavorful, creamy and super delicious. Do try it for your next lunch, dinner or parties. I am sure you will love it.

Here is the quick ingredient list of mushroom and spinach curry recipe:
• Chopped Tomatoes: 2 cups,
• Chopped onions: 1½ cup,
• Crushed Ginger: 1 tbs,
• Crushed Garlic: 1 tbs
• Cumin powder (zeera powder): 2 tsp,
• Turmeric powder (haldi): 1 tsp,
• Coriander Powder (dhania powder): 2 tsp,
• Chilly Powder: 1 tsp,
• Gram Flour (Beasn): 2 tbs,
• Cream: ¼ cup,
• Chopped Spinach: 4 cup,
• Chopped Mushrooms: 2 cup,
• Milk: 2 tbs,
• Salt: To taste,
• Oil: 2-3 tbs

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