Mouthwatering Meals and Desserts Box Set: 75 Easy and Tasty Farmhouse Recipes Cookbook with Delicious Donuts Recipes (Main Course Dishes and Desserts)


Mouthwatering Meals and Desserts Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: The Farmhouse Cookbook: 35 Delicious Country Classic Farmhouse Favorites

Do you find yourself craving for some well-deserved comfort food? Are you looking for something else than complicated and difficult to prepare dishes? After a long stressful workweek or during a lazy weekend, do you want to reward yourself with delicious meals? Are you looking to recreate a country classic that will bring you back to childhood memories?

Farmhouse recipes are the answers to all your comfort needs. They are relatively easy to prepare even for beginner cooks. They are the perfect reward for those nagged by diets all month long. They make you remember or give you a taste of the simple life.

This book will share with you 35 recipes to help you achieve all the benefits of farmhouse recipes.

Inside you will learn about recipes for:

• 7 Beef and meat

• 7 Chicken

• 7 Veggies

• 7 Fish

• 7 Snacks, Sides and Desserts

Once you have learned the recipes in this book, you will realize what comfort food is really all about. You will never look at farmhouse cooking the same way again!

Don’t wait another minute! The sooner you learn these recipes, the sooner you can have the classic foods that you have always wanted! With enough recipes to last you for more than a month, you will have a new recipe every day!

Don’t delay. Download this book now.

Book Two: The Donut Cookbook: 40 Delicious, Mouth-Watering Donut Recipes That Your Family and Friends Will Love

Do you love donuts?

Would you like to know how to make them?

Donuts are a part of many different cultures across the globe. Pretty much anything made with sweet dough and fried in oil is called a donut, and they are so delicious! From the simple teaspoonful of dough slid into batter, fried to perfection, and coated in powdered sugar to the complicated Boston Cream Filled Donut, you’ll find it all in here! With forty recipes, you won’t go wrong purchasing this book to make the perfect donut!

In this book, you’ll find:

• Over ten recipes of traditional donuts found in the United States.

• Over five recipes from countries across the globe.

• Eight recipes that may not sound like donuts, but they are!

• Six savory donut recipes.

• Six fritter recipes.

• And much more!

Donuts are a classic when it comes to dessert, and they are something that most people enjoy any time of day. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit down as you read through this book to find a donut recipe that speaks to you. Then make it!

If you want to enjoy dessert and make a donut that will make every baker in the area envious, then pick up this eBook with forty donut recipes inside!

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