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Learn how to make Kori Gassi at home with chef Varun Inamdar on Get Curried.

Korri Gassi is a Manglorean chicken curry recipe made with the mix of ground spices, coconut milk and chicken. This curry recipe tastes best with steam rice and roti. Do try it at home and share your feedback in the comments below.

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For the masala
1 tsp Ghee
1/4 cup Onions, sliced
1 cup Coconut, grated
4-5 Byadagi Red chillies
6 Kashmiri Red Chillies
1/2 Cinnamon stick
1/4 tsp Cumin seeds
8 Peppercorns
1/2 tsp poppy seeds(optional)
1/4 tsp Fenugreek powder
2 tsp Coriander seed powder
1 Tamarind
1 tbsp Ghee
1 Onion, chopped
1 Tomato, chopped
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 kg Chicken
1 cup Coconut milk

For the tempering
1 sliced onion
1 tbsp ghee

Method of preparation:
For the masala
Heat a pan, add ghee, onion, allow it to cook on medium flame till they are translucent.
Add coconut, byadagi chillies, kashmiri red chillies, garlic, cinnamon, cumin seeds, peppercorns, poppy seeds, mix well and switch off the flame after a minute.
Allow the mixture to cool down.
In a mixer jar, add the roasted masala, fenugreek powder, coriander powder, tamarind, water and then grind it to a paste.
Our Masala for curry is ready.
Heat a vessel, add ghee, onion, allow it to cook on high flame till they are translucent.
Add tomato, salt, ground masala, give it a nice mix and add turmeic, salt and give it a good mix.
Add chicken, water, give it a stir.
Add coconut milk, mix well cover it and cook it on medium flame for 20 minutes.
Transfer the gassi in a serving bowl and garnish it with fried onions.

For the tempering
In a pan, heat ghee, saute the onions till they are nice and translucent.

Our Manglorean Kori Gassi is ready.

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