How to Cook Laing Recipe (Bicolano Dish) Similar to Bicol Express Filipino Recipe – Laing is a viand that refers to the taro leaves cooked in coconut milk or what we call here in the Philippines as ginataan.

Cooking different individual vegetables in coconut milk is a common for Filipinos but the one we called laing is the most exceptional and of course my specialty too. Exceptional in a way that there is no dish prepared and cooked the same way as laing, the pride of all Bicolanos, the smooth taste and the tang from the ginger that makes a lot of people crave for it. A dish that not only serves in homes but in restaurants as well, laing is in demand here and abroad. But, why is it so special? The reason because it uses taro leaves and stems, so what’s the big deal. Taro leaves are at the same both easy and hard to cook. First is how to make it chewy but not mushy. Raw taro leaves and stems get mushy easily when boiled so some people without proper knowledge cooked them as is but cut the stems in about 3 inches long and the leaves in big sizes, they do it so that when it gets mushy some kind of form will retain. The second is the itchiness in the mouth. I’ve witness many discussions where people tried finding out a solution for the itchiness. Some say sun drying the leaves remove itchiness, some say it doesn’t. Some say not stirring when cooking removes itchiness and some say it doesn’t. I think it’s one of the seven wonders of laing, I sun dried, I stir a lot but no trace of itchiness is found in my cooking. Now cooking laing has developed many versions particularly sautéing and adding pork, garlic and onions. But my authentic recipe from Bicol is far different and simpler from that but taste the best. Boiling coconut milk first with some crushed ginger, the main attraction of laing is its strong gingery taste. Add the taro leaves, stir, add the dried surgeonfish (daing na labahita), season with salt and cooked for 40 to 60 minutes until its tender. Then it’s done, I always cooked this and get praised by the Bicolano I know, he said that nothing beats the original laing he had known since he was a child from his far hometown.

How to Cook Laing Recipe – Bicolano Dish Similar to Bicol Express Filipino Recipe

Large bowl of dried gabe or taro leaves
¼ lb Pork (cubed)
4 pcs labahita (dried labahita fish)
1/4 cup hibe
5 pcs chili (siling labuyo)
2 cans of gata (coconut milk)
4 knobs of of ginger (crushed)
1 large onion, sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
Pork Bouillon
Bagoong Alamang

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