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Ghugni, Ghugni recipe, Ghugni chaat recipe, Ghugni recipe Bengali style, Aloo Matar Curry Recipe, How to make ghugni? Bengali Ghugni Recipe, Ghugni chaat is famous Bengali recipe. How to make kolkata style Ghugni Chaat or potato peas curry Bengali recipe? Ghugni is popular Bengali street food which you will easily find every street corner in Kolkata. Ghugni is very tasty and mouth watering recipe. You can easily prepare at home. This is very simple but delicious Bengali recipe. Ghugni is not only famous in Kolkata, It is Indian street food. In India, state wise Ghugni is little different but overall process is same.

Ghugni Chaat Recipe Bengali Style. Kolkata Style Ghugni. How to make Ghugni Chaat/ Green Peas Curry Bengali recipe Kolkata style? Aloo matar Ghugni is very famous Bengali street food. It is very popular as a evening snack in Bengal. Ghugni is made with dried green or yellow peas, spiced up with Indian masala. Here is the recipe step by step you can follow it. Ghugni is very simple and easy recipe. One of the famous street food in Kolkata.

How to make Ghugni or Green Peas Curry at home Bengali style?

1 potato cut into small like cube size
100 grams dried yellow/ green peas (soaked for 6 hours)
Chopped Onion 1 big size
Chopped Tomato 1
Chopped Coconut ¼ cup
Chopped Green chili 1
Chopped coriander leaves
Garam Masala paste (3 Cardamom, 3 Cloves, 1 Cinnamon)
Ginger and Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Bay leaf 1,
Pinch of Cumin seeds
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder ½ tsp
Chilli powder 1 tsp
Oil 3 tsp

How to prepare Ghugni Chaat Recipe Kolkata Style?
* First you have to boil the peas and potatoes with water. You can use pressure cooker 3 whistle sounds.
* Heat the pan and add oil.
* Add bay leaf and cumin seeds. Stir it little.
* Add chopped coconut. Fry it little.
* Add chopped Onion. Be sure half Fry it.
* Now add Ginger and Garlic paste. Mix it properly
* Add chopped Tomato and Turmeric Powder. Stir it.
* Add Chilli Powder. I used 1 tsp but you can use less or more. Stir it little.
* Add boiled Potatoes and Peas with water. Add one cup water more.
* Add salt to taste. Mix everything nicely.
* Keep it for 5 minutes.
* After 5 minutes add Garam Masala paste and Chopped coriander leaves.
* After adding coriander leaves keep it for 1 minute.
* Ghugni is ready.
* * Before serve add some chopped Green Chilli, Onion, Tomatoes and coriander leaves.

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