Everyday Sausage & Ham Cookbook: 200 Appetizer, Casserole & Main Dish Recipes! (Southern Cooking Recipes Book 37)


In the south, sausage and ham are well loved. These flavorful meats show up at numerous meals and occasions. Ham is always on the table for holidays and leftovers are just as delicious. Ham and fully cooked sausages are a budget friendly and quick solution for dinner. Sausage or ham appetizers are served at parties, dinners and potlucks. Sausage or ham soups, sandwiches and casseroles are a delicious and easy way to get a meal on the table quickly.

Sausage is not just for breakfast. In the south, chorizo, smoked sausage and pork sausage are the most popular. Italian sausage also has a special place on our table. The recipes in this cookbook use ingredients readily found at the grocery store. The dishes are delicious and use ingredients you probably have in your pantry or freezer. I have included our family favorite homemade sausage recipes along with numerous recipes for meals and casseroles.

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