Dhal – How to cook dhal in 3 simple steps

How to cook dhal in 3 simple steps

Dhal is one universal Indian dish that like by everyone in Malaysia. It is the comfort food that transcends cultures, races, gender, old and young, serve in the restaurant as well as the ‘Mamak’ store at the alleys.

The reason? It has a universal taste, not spicy, vegetarian, mild, kid-friendly, can be the main dish, side dish, ideally eaten with roti, naan (flatbread), poppadoms, humble plain rice or the fit-to-royalty biryani rice. It is hard to find any other simple meal that is so versatile as dhal.

You can spell it as dhal, dal or dahl, which refers to the same Indian dal recipe. The local restaurants in Malaysia served it mostly with roti canai or banana leaf rice.

So here is my version of the easy dhal recipe with some Malaysian influence, quick to make, highly popular, and extremely nutritious.

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