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Depression Era 1930’s Six layer Dinner Dish Recipe
This six layer dinner dish recipe is sometimes called a shipwreck recipe – no matter what you call it, it’s a tasty meat and vegetable hot dish that has infinite possibilities as an easy meal idea.

2 cups raw sliced potatoes
2 cups chopped celery
2 cups raw hamburger
1 cup sliced raw onions
1 cup finely cut green peppers
2 cups canned tomatoes
2 tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper

Preheat oven to 350ºF
Place ingredients in order given in layers in a greased shallow baking dish 8×12.
Sprinkle salt and pepper over each layer and bake for 2 hours.

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  • Thanks for watching Everyone! This was shot 2 months ago… before the Pandemic, became pandemic. But it's probably an adaptable dish for the storm that is approaching.
    Full recipe as always in the description box

  • Except for the celery, this surely looks like pizza as a casserole! Interesting. There are folk who use riced potatoes in meatloaf. It can be quite tasty.

  • I'd sauteed the onions, celery and the green peppers.

  • We do a 6 layer casserole with the following layers: cooked sausage, uncooked rice, sliced potatoes, sliced carrots, sliced onions, canned tomatoes. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and a small bit of sugar! So awesome!

  • Great comfort food. For extra flavor, I substituted Butterball Turkey Sausage. Next time I think I would add a second layer of potatoes on top with a sprinkle of Parmesan. Enjoying your videos, especially those from vintage cookbooks.🤗

  • Just made this today and we loved it. Two changes; I used ground chicken and my own Italian spice blend. Just could not use only salt and pepper or that much salt and pepper. I was thinking out loud about what I could do differently next time I make it (and there definitely will be a next time), other vegetables to add and maybe some black beans and my husband said a little sadly "but I like it like this".

  • My mom made something similar to this in a skillet but instead of peppers she used green beans and diced the potatoes. It was mixed up not layered. I had forgotten about that until I saw this.
    Thank your for the memories.

  • I grew up with this in Alabama except we use rice, don't put celery, and add cream of mushroom soup as a top layer. The rice is put in uncooked and we use whole tomatoes because there is more juice. Tomatoes are crushed manually.

    As fare as salt and pepper only, that is pretty standard in Deep South cooking. We just don't use a lot of spices. Louisiana does, but they have their own food thing going. Salt, pepper, and maybe some bacon grease carry things a long way.

  • Reminds me of a balkan version: just stuff salted potato slices in a casserole, put some salted meat on top (it should not be a lid, more like crumbles on a pie) an drown it in milk (the milk should cover the potatoes but leave at least one finger room to the top); the important part is to cover the casserole with a lid and that's it, bake until done. The milk gets basically absorbed by the potatoes and they get an incredible taste.

  • Can this be made with browned Italian sausage for a sausage and peppers skillet type of meal?

  • had that all the time as a kid, ours was called 7 layer casserole, or shipwreck, the only difference was we had a layer of carrots and on the top was a layer of rice and then topped with tomato soup… yummy

  • Hamburger? So, is it horse meat? Or does that mean beef? Also, this looks and sounds delicious, I think I'll be making this tomorrow after work.

  • Looks yummy! I think the veg and meat need salt and pepper…tomatoes, too.

  • They Make This Dish Down In Newfoundland.. Could You Make A Cooking Video On This Dish "Hoover Stew?"

  • I'm going to make this with Zucchini, bam keto friendly, probably use pork instead of beef and carmelize the onions first. I do wish Glen would tackle say keto pancakes, I think his skill set would be amazing at finding a good version of keto foods that taste decent.

  • Hey guys, I'm not a big fan of oven baked hamburger meat, so I'm sorry but I won't be trying this one. I really find it odd that even during the depression era, people weren't making hamburgers and french fries at home. Seems to me they would have been cheaper to make than this dish. For the average family, cost wise, I think even back then, this dish would have been more costly than making hamburgers and fries. More like hamburgers and fries were deemed too depressionistic for some. Hamburgers and fries were definitely around during the depression era. Even in the 50's they weren't really introduced in homes. You had to go out to get them. How come they didn't make pizza during the depression at home? "Pizza" has been around for centuries. Gladiators used to cook flatbreads on the front side of their shields.

  • My mom made this and just called it meatloaf many times when I was a kid. I wasn’t a fan back then at all.