Delicious NORTH KARNATAKA Jolada Rotti Meals & Snacks At HOTEL NALAPAKA In Bangalore

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An eatery located in the western suburbs of Bengaluru, Hotel Nalapaka’s rustic Karnataka meals are an experience one must definitely devour! Ms Kavitha Lingayya who hails from North Karnataka, set up the restaurant 20 years ago with the motive of sharing her beloved cuisine with the city. She first begun serving food out of a car shed, moving to catering to office-goers and then finally moving to a bigger space, Hotel Nalapaka.

In this episode of Gourmet On The Road, Food Lovers Editor, Kripal Amanna visits the eatery after it came much-recommended by viewers, to savours a North Karnataka-style meal for lunch. He meets with Ms Kavitha, visits her kitchen and also takes a look at how their famous jolada rottis are made the traditional way. He then sits down to a meal, and makes a beginning with tasting the popular snacks on offer, namely the Girmit, Mirchi Bajji and Davanagere Benne Dose. He then tastes the Thursday special Biranji meals, served with toasty jowar rotis topped with a big dollop of butter, he wolfs these down with a creamy brinjal curry, lentil preparations and chutneys!


often considered north karnataka’s take on a bhel puri, this snack is nothing like one! the addition of an onion tempering and gram flour to a mixture of turmeric stained puffed rice, raw onions and coriander is what makes the girmit different. make sure to chase a bite down with the fried chilli which perks up the flavours of this dish.
rs 36. (0.50 usd)

the perfect lacey and crisp texture of this dosa makes you want to dive straight into eating it! served with a lightly tempered potato palya and coconut chutney. the crunch in every bite followed by the lush butter that coats the palate is what makes this a superb dosa! rs 57. (0.80 usd)

love the way they make the chilli bajji here. the lightly spiced batter encases the chilli but not all the way through. you can see the spicy green chilli. you taste the spice of the chilli despite the thick casing. rs 21. (0.30 usd)

this jolada rotti meal is wholesome in every sense! the rottis are light, fluffy and have a nutty flavour. when eaten with that lush butter and chutneys (the shenga or peanut chutney was my favourite) they are all the more delicious! the badnekayi is tangy and cream, while the thick dal is fortified with fresh methi and the madike kalu is cooked to that perfect crunch. rs 192. (2.70 usd)

this aromatic rice quite similar in appearance to a pulav is a popular rice dish in the town of ranebennur, north karnataka. it is served only on thursdays as part of the jolada rotti meals at Nalapakka. the spices, cloves, cardamom, are reminiscent of a pulav but the addition of the lightly toasted garlic takes it in a new direction. every grain of rice is also speckled with that special biranji masala. the toasted cashew and butter makes this a rich preparation.

ADDRESS – 28, 12th Main Rd, Near Navarang Theatre, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010; tel: 080 2352 3108

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