Burger for Main Dish 365: Enjoy 365 Days With Amazing Burger For Main Dish Recipes In Your Own Burger For Main Dish Cookbook! [Book 1]



Food Tastes Better When You Eat It With Your Family!

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A great bonding experience for the family is the mere act of being together around the dining table, without anyone glued to their smartphones and other forms of distractions. Obviously, this can’t possibly happen all the time. That’s the reason why this book “Burger for Main Dish 365”. Let’s discover right now!

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Best Burgers for Main Dish
  • Chapter 2: Cheeseburgers
  • Chapter 3: Chicken Burgers
  • Chapter 4: Lamb Burgers
  • Chapter 5: Turkey Burgers

The recipes in this book are the result of the long years I’ve spent with my mother and sisters helping them cook a lot of burger for main dish. What I learned about cooking I mostly picked up from observing and asking questions, which led to something good. Each time I asked my mom how she prepared her specialty dish, she would share with me how she did it. But I’ve neither recorded nor tested her recipes. Beneath her piles of index cards filled with recipes plus handwritten notes, cookbooks, and cut out magazine pages with recipes my mom has barely touched are a precious collection of our family favorites, forever etched in our memories. Most of the meals we prepare in the kitchen reflect so much about our family’s past. These are the foods made in my many homes, in numerous countries, throughout the years. People say that variety is the spice of life. And so, you’ll find here a global viewpoint on both healthy and indulgent food choices. From my family’s table to yours, may you have a great time bonding with your family and making fond memories together. You also see more different types of main dish recipes such as:

  • Christmas Main Dishes
  • Main Dish Casserole
  • Pizza for Main Dish
  • Quiche for Main Dish
  • Tacos for Main Dish

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I really hope that each book in the series will be always your best friend in your little kitchen. Let’s live happily and cook main dish every day! Enjoy the book,

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