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Today , I have made 3 One Pot Rice Recipes which is absolutely easy to make. These one pot vegan rice recipes are kids’ absolute favorite dishes. Because it’s lightly flavored with just the right amount of spice and the right balance of vegetables. This simple, easy and effortless recipes can be served as a main course on its own for a light meal, or as an accompaniment to the main course. The best part is, it takes only 15 minutes to cook, uses only one pot and is a great healthy vegetable rice options for the family. Please do make this new appetizing recipes, these are seriously that good. Be sure to mention me on Instagram. Hope you will enjoy!

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Schezwan Fried Rice-https://youtu.be/NwLleEaU8b4
Paneer Pulao-https://youtu.be/apxlEkdMaTA
Egg Fried Rice-https://youtu.be/k-81qCRcIos
Veg Pulao-https://youtu.be/iUb40ac1I04

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