Weekly Grocery Haul || Keto Stock Up || Weekly Meal Plan || And a Surprise

Hey everyone. We are restocking our fridge and freezer “slowly”. In light of everything that has recently happened we have decided to stock up with KETO and LOW CARB friendly meals ONLY. This was a great haul and some amazing prices for stocking up.

We also take you into the meal plan process and menu for the next few days. We hope you enjoy this video and thank you so much for stopping by our channel. Many blessings to you from us. XOXO

Craveable Keto Cookbook: https://www.amazon.com/Craveable-Keto-Low-Carb-High-Fat-Wellness/dp/1628602716/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1538014953&sr=8-2&keywords=craveable+keto+cookbook

Carrie Elle Meal Planner: https://shop.carrieelle.com/collections/meal-planners

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  • I enjoyed watching you plan. I have recently started reverse planning as per Amanda's suggestion and I have been saving some money. So fun seeing the two of you together at the end. I think you look amazing weight loss or not!

  • I love your channel. I’ve been following you for a couple months now on Instagram and YouTube. I love the reverse meal planning idea! I shop once a month (I do “fill in” shopping at the two week mark to get more fresh veggies, fruits, milk, and bread) what are your suggestions to reverse meal plan for a momma with 5 kiddos that does a once a month shopping?

  • I also do the reversed meal planning. It's easier and far more cost effective to see what they have on sale and go backwards.

  • Where did you get the meal planner?

  • Yay so glad to see you and the family. Anyway girl your looking good.

  • Glad you are home safe!  I am finding too much dairy stalls me as far as the scale goes.  I also try to eat at least one big bowl of leafy greens for lunch or supper.  Great haul, thank you

  • Nice haul, like watching your hauls ,vlogs, dont know much about keto but would like to try it tfs

  • Since you grew up on a farm, are there certain things you had to eat as a kid that you WILL NOT touch as an adult? 🤔🤔

  • So glad you are home. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • I didn't lose weight for the first two weeks on keto either. Then I tracked my macros. I realized that I was actually getting too much fat. Getting under 20 carbs should help you, but there is actually such a thing as more fat than what your body needs. The second I started tracking all my macros I started dropping weight.

  • Hi Shakema. Great haul. Not sure if you have talked about it but I’m wondering how your school did in the storm and when you might go back to work.

  • Hi Shakema….so pleased you're home. I've been doing Keto for over a year now…..we all stall, but here's some tips…Def keep carbs under 20….as close to zero as you can get them is better. Check sausages and bacon macros before you buy them….they vary so much from brand to brand. Once you're actually in ketosis, try intermittent fasting…ie, only eating in a 6 hour time-frame. It can help a lot. You're looking great on it, you're glowing lately xx

  • Shakema, stress can curtail weight release. This has to do with your cortisol levels. Inches reduced is good. I don't know much about how "Keto" works but I do know that a high percentage (75%+) of fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds will nourish your cells and assist with weight release and bowel movements (I know TMI)..

  • Haha! Had to laugh at the Amanda clip 😀😆🌸🌺💕

  • LOL! "Shut all the way up!" That was too funny. Great haul.

  • Maybe try incorporating more leafy greens into your plan? They are low in calorie, cost and high in fiber. I know you mentioned in the beginning of your keto journey that keto was giving you some stomach issues. The leafy greens can help with that. Also, I noticed that your meals are heavy on the dairy, maybe cut back and see if the scale moves? Glad that you are back at home and safe.

  • Your veg choices seem to be limited to broccoli, cauliflower. Are there any other vegetables that you commonly serve? This is Winter squash season, for example. Cabbage, carrots are usually cheap year round. On a related note: can you comment on any chatter about the loss of livestock farms (chicken, pig, turkey) due to the storms as well as any major losses at produce based farms? Should we brace ourselves for impending shortages and/or price spikes?

  • Hello Shakeema,
    Glad to see you and the kids back home and safe. Just wandering where did you say I could look up the garlic and parmesan wings…recipe. I really want to try that ?

  • Lol… just Love Amanda! And oh my I think Sara from Our Tribe of Many is just awesome..I found Shelly's home life through you…I tried her pork rind toffee and it was a huge FAIL.. Think I over cooked the sauce or something.. I'll be giving that another go this week.. Glad to see your home and your kids are so very helpful..
    How's your tree situation?

  • Oh. I comment before I even watch LOL. I am so looking forward to your Super Double haul, I want to try to coupon w/you on this round!