Simple and EASY Keto Breakfast Snacks

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These simple and easy keto breakfast pack a punch of macros and get your day started off on the right foot. Delicious, quick, and made with natural and easy to find ingredients.

What kind of keto breakfast is your favorite?

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My name is Los Silva.

I’m a Father, Husband, Investor, CEO of SVG & Complete Wellness, and I don’t really take anything seriously.

I’ve built multi-million dollar companies and executed several 7 figure product launches. Ooooof.

I’m going to share my ideas and opinions to all leaders and entrepreneurs looking to learn and grow. And I talk about the KETO DIET a lot.

I’ll post some content about living a healthy & balanced lifestyle, AND I’ll be sharing some COOL and FUN episodes from the SVG Creative team.



WELL LET’S DO IT BIG BOYS AND LADIES – join me on this channel as I share my opinions, knowledge, experience, failures, successes, mistakes, and general tips for achieving success EVERY DAY!
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  • LOS, you always have great ideas, I love it when you talk with the fathead

  • oh my I have a crush!!! I make egg bites !! with bacon and eat my breakfast around noon as I'm trying to do IF.

  • Your videos are really helpful and very entertaining. I have lost 88 pounds and have only 7 more pounds to reach my perfect weight. Your down to earth videos are terrific.

    By the way, just curious about your name. Are you Hispanic? Just curious because in Spanish the word "Los" means "those" or "the". I was wondering if "Los" means something else in your ethnic background?

    Again, thanks for your no hold barred videos and honest comments. They are great!

  • You are so great! Love watching and you "keto thoughts" are awesome!

  • I don't eat breaky 99% of the week and only if I may be traveling. I wake up around 530 and gym around 615. What I don't understand how why my ketone reading have been so low recently, around .01-.03 and I've not changed anything. I work in Thailand so I try to get avocado but not always easy.

  • this morning had 2 fried eggs, bacon, bacon, bacon, and grated zucchini for the hash browns. (have not figured out how to make the hash browns with out them being too moist). It works………

  • Another great video. I eat 2-3 eggs, scrambled, in 1-2 tbsp of butter. 2 slices of bacon. That's pretty satisfying and I weigh 340 pounds still. Mostly I have been skipping breakfast and have the similar for lunch. Holds me over til evening for dinner.

  • My body is sensitive to eggs, dairy, and wheat/gluten. If I eat breakfast it is a smoothy with coconut milk, protein powder, avocado, MCT oil, etc

  • I am OMAD. I eat around 12:30 because that is when lunch is. I found a recipe for fathead breakfast pizza last night that I am going to prepare tomorrow. Eggs, tomato, sausage, spinach and cheese for me, but you can add whatever you want! Love love love your videos and look forward to them every day! Thanks for sharing all the little tips and tricks!

  • You are boring, you shared a drink with a child. GROSS! no good info here at all! Make me want to throw up! Bye!!!

  • Pancakes!? What?! I'm totally trying them on Saturday. Thanks for another great video!

  • So you had me at PANCAKES! About how much of the cottage cheese do you use? I always make some form of pancakes! Thks!

  • That is my everyday go to meal!!! Delicious!!!!!

  • Love the vid as always! I was curious, when you get a craving for something small, delicious, and of course KETO, what do you recommend? I've heard from friends about fat bombs and protein bombs. I tried a protein bomb made with peanut butter and it was delicious in a 1.5 inch square, would these "bombs" be keto friendly, and if not, what would be? I totally get betch slapped by my sweet tooth and would like to find a healthy alternative. Thanx alot Los! ♥ 💋